Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Cards -- Part Two

I was showing the Valentine cards recently posted here to a co-worker.  She liked one of the sentiments on one of the cards and asked me to make her a card for her sweetie for Valentine's Day.  The sentiment is simple enough...You Complete Me...simple, straightforward, a little funny (think Austin Powers), but powerful in those three words.  My mind started whirling around how I could create this card using that sentiment and create something different and unique that would communicate the thought.  The co-worker's other request was that the card have their two favorite colors, blue and deep purple.  On this first one I used the dark blue as the background, mounted on white card stock.  I added a graphic of purple puzzle pieces, put together.  I printed the exact same puzzle pieces on the blue card stock but cut out one of the pieces to create a 3D effect on one of the purple base pieces.  I misted the larger blue piece with Perfect Pearls to give it some shimmer and pop dots under the 3D puzzle piece to make it pop.  I stamped the sentiment on one of the tag dies out of white and threaded with a purple ribbon threaded with silver and then offset it across the upper left corner of the card. 

The second card was simple, two hearts one in each color mounted on white card stock embossed with Swiss dots and brushed with purple ink.  That was mounted on a light lavender card stock.  Then I added another tag with sentiment in the middle of the hearts on the bottom with three little purple bling to give a little pop.

And third was an idea inspired by a stamped image I saw somewhere on the Internet in my surfing...a heart that had smaller hearts punched out of it cascading from the bottom.  I took that idea and did it in reverse...with a graphic image of a pitcher with small hearts cascading into the big heart.  I also punched a few small hearts out of the larger heart to give the idea of filling up those spaces.  The heart is done in purple the smaller hearts in blue.  All of it was mounted on a white Gemstones piece of card stock.  The sentiment tag mounted to the bottom right on the cardstock.  With this one I cut an opening in the fold of the card and threaded the ribbon through that.  It is affixed behind the sentiment so no knots or bows anywhere.

There is another idea or two circling around in the brain...we'll see what comes of the meantime, Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

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