Sunday, August 16, 2015

Make 'n' Take Card Class

I spent some time a week ago on Saturday at a Make 'n' Take class put together by my friend Tina Dowty, a Stampin Up demonstrator and Cathy Trumbo, who is also a Stampin Up demonstrator.  They do a once a month card class in Rocklin.  It is about a 3 hour class and for a small fee we get the opportunity to make 8 cards during this time frame.

All of the paper pieces, ribbon, string, are pre-cut and there are examples for us to use as a guide for putting together our cards.  We do get to do some of our own crafting, such as stamping the sentiments for the cards, inking the cards if it is a stamped card, and punching out flowers or cutting out butterfly's, whatever the card design calls for.  We are free to use our own artistic license in putting the cards together, and we are not required to do them exactly as the examples show.

These are the cards we did this month.


These two were fun.  The background paper we stamped on was printed with stars and dots.  We inked the sunburst and then sponged over it.  When we were done, we wiped off the ink so the stars and dots came through.  It was a cool technique.  A die-cut of the word happy and stamping the word birthday and we got a cute little birthday card.

These two were our first stamping project for the afternoon. We stamped the butterfly and then used a framelit die to cut out the butterfly.  On the background white we inked some scattered dots and a couple of opaque small butterflies.  We put some pearls down the center of the butterfly and used some pop dots to raise it off the background.  We stamped Happy Birthday along the bottom and then mounted this on some pink card stock and then on craft paper cards.  A beautiful little card.

These two cards were our 2nd inking project of the day.  It was a layered flower stamp set using pinks, corals, greens, and yellows.  It also uses a yellow ribbon to tie everything together.

The final project was a paper piecing project using some reversible paper.  That nice thing about them is you can use both sides of the papers to complete your card.  This one included a couple different sizes of punched flowers and as a background to the printed papers we had an embossed background in white that was mounted on a black card stock.  All of the cards had pearls or jewels/gems of some sort to give them some sparkle.

See you next time!  Until then, Imagine, Create, and Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Christmas Cards

There are many, many pins on Pinterest on how to use paper scraps, so this could be a compilation of different posts I've seen.  I chose to make my Christmas cards this last year using scraps. I used Christmas papers, plain white and a soft beige pre-made cards picked up at Michael's packaged with envelopes.  I chose to punch 1 inch squares two in patterned paper and two in a coordinating solid card stock and then arranged them in groupings of four both diagonally and horizontally on the card stock.  I punched snowflakes (using a Martha Stewart snowflake punch) out of a sparkly white paper to act as accents.  I assembled the grouping of four using pop dots to pop the squares off the card stock and also popped the snowflakes off of the grouping and added a jewel to the center of the snowflake.

After the squares and snowflakes were placed on the card stock I stamped two different holiday sentiments underneath the above arrangement and then added a different stamped sentiment on the inside of the cards.  Finally, I used a variety of narrow ribbon I had in my stash in colors that matched the scrapbook papers and tied it around the fold line of the cards.  This was a quick and easy little project and I was pleased with the end result.

Imagine, Create, and Enjoy. 

Christmas Wreath -- Cowboy's Colors

I have been trying to complete this wreath for some time...that is all I will confess to as it has been a project in the works and it has moved with us more than once in the last few years.  Anyway, I digress.  I decided this was the year to complete it.  I had a number of floral picks in blue and silver and had originally planned to make the theme a blue and silver looking theme.  It is appropriate that the daughter is a Cowboy's fan.  A long time, die-hard fan, just like her Dad and older brother.  I had the blue and silver theme decided so I finished picking up a few additions to finish off the wreath.

One thing I needed was the ribbon to give the wreath a finished look.  I found some silver, sparkly ribbon with beautiful snowflakes on it.  I wrapped the ribbon strategically around the wreath and placed the picks alternating them with silver-blue ornament balls.  Here is a close up of the ribbon I picked.

One more project complete!

Go on Imagine, Create and Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Christmas Chalkboards

Once again, Pinterest is a wonderful source of ideas for so many things.  I nabbed an idea previously seen here.  Come to find out it was a pin from an Etsy site.  I took the basic idea and ran with it as my Christmas gifts for 2014.  I used a variety of stickers for the lettering on the plates, different kinds, textures, and sizes, but I wanted the finished look of the letters.  I bought a quart of chalkboard paint from Michael's and plate chargers from both Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  I asked those individuals I was gifting this item too what their favorite Christmas colors were and I purchased ribbon from the various craft stores to color match what their favorites were.  Some were into the blue and silver colors so I used a silver charger, for most of the remaining ones I used a red charger with a rope edge around the outside of the charger, and finally I picked up a few shaped like a hexagon with pretty script details on the edges of the plates.

I painted the inside of the inner circle with about 6 to 7 layers of chalkboard paint.  I found out it needed at least this many layers to create a chalkboard surface that would not be scratched clean through the paint if someone pressed to hard on the chalk.  I did not tape around the edges, which might have created a more perfect circle, but I decided the unevenness added to the uniqueness of each plate.  Some of the plates look a little more playful and those were intended for gifts to individuals with children.  The candy cane ribbon at the left is one of those examples.

For some more elegant ones, I used combinations of burgundy, green and gold like the ribbon in the upper right and others I used the beautiful elegant gold edged and printed ribbons as shown on the plate to the right.  That particular ribbon choice had beautiful gold angels on it.  With the shape of the charger it also had the added bonus of being a little easier to paint with the chalkboard paint.  Inside the inner section of the charger was a ridge denoting the bottom of the charger from the sides and it was easier to make a pretty, clean edge for the chalkboard paint.

Additionally, I used some ribbons that had a burlap look. The one shown below has some pretty snowflakes in red and sparkles.  Most all of the ribbons had some kind of glitter or sparkle to them. One of things I did after all of the layers of chalkboard paint were on the chargers, I seasoned them by rubbing a piece of chalk over the chalkboard section so they were a little easier to write on the first few times.  Since the letters were all stickers they were easy to affix.  They just need some weight on them initially to cement them on to the plate.  I affixed the ribbons with hot glue.  I had to hold the ribbons in place until the hot glue set.

With each gift of the chalkboard I included 2 pieces of chalk in tiny ziplock jewelry size bags and easels that I picked up from the dollar store.  I think they turned out really well and were well received as gifts by everyone who received them.

I'm thinking that I could make some that would work year round for all holidays!  The chargers would be in a more neutral color and then have ribbons that would attach with a velcro tab under each ribbon.  Maybe ribbons for Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays?  Hmmmmm...

Until the next time, Imagine, Create and Enjoy!

Thanks Signage

While I really should have done this post awhile ago in keeping with the current holiday's or events, I seem to be a little behind.  I previously posted about these Thanks letters I had done up based on another Pinterest idea.  I brought them out for this past Thanksgiving and didn't really like the way I had hung them up for display the previous year so I decided to modify them just a bit.  I had previously just wrapped the ends of the ribbon the letters were suspended from around a 1/4 inch by 15 inch piece of thin balsa wood from the craft store.

This year I decided to take some fall colored decorative foliage I had previously used as table decorations and combine with the board idea to create a permanent hanger for the letters.  I took the ends of the ribbons after wrapping them once around the balsa wood piece and stapled them on to the wood. I then took the decorative fall foliage and stapled it across the front of the board.  It effectively hid all of the ends of the ribbons on the front of the board and made a nice stable wall hanging.  I then added matching ribbon to the top to create my hanger.  Here is the finished project.

And another shot of my little decorative tableau laid out on the table in the living room.  The modification to the original design and the addition of the board to stabilize the letters and addition of the floral gives the project a finished feel!

Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

Retirement Party Favors

Recently my supervisor retired.  We had a luncheon for her and decorated with a theme of the things she enjoyed doing.  She loves to golf and fish, she loves angels, and loves to cook among other things.  She also loves the color burgundy.  We decided to go with the burgundy color theme with flower vases as centerpieces with some angel figures around the base.

Instead of standard photo of the honoree with a mat that everyone could sign with their wishes, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different.  Along with the help of my trusty Cricut machine, I cut some golf ball size circles, some golf tees and a lady golfer.  I then picked up a little artsy wood piece on a stick at Michael's and painted it green for the look of a golf green. I cut the words I love Golf from the Sports Mania cartridge. I did those in a burgundy toned paper with beige overlay and then cut white golf balls with a green shadow.

So we could also incorporate her love of fishing into the decor, I took a little chalkboard on a stick (from Michael's) and cut the words Fishes Wishes from green card stock and cut an old fashioned fishing reel and fish basket from the Father's Day cartridge.  For both bowls I used clear round fish bowls and anchored the golf sign in the first bowl in a piece of white Styrofoam with real golf balls to hold it in place. For the Fishes Wishes sign I used another piece of foam and added some of the blue-green tones of flat looking marbles in the bottom to hold that sign in place and make it look like a fish bowl!  I then used an old-fashioned fish die cut plate and cut some fishes for people to write more wishes.  I actually think it turned out very well.  I think people enjoyed the different way to express their good wishes to the honoree and they could do it at their leisure throughout the lunch hour potluck.

All in all the decorations turned out quite nicely, done by a wonderful group of co-workers who pulled together to make a very memorable luncheon for the retiree!

See you soon as I catch up with some of my projects from the holidays!  Imagine, Create, Enjoy!