Why I Craft

I come from a long line of crafters. My mother crafted, as did my grandmother. Their interests were different, based on the times during which they lived and the materials available to them. For my grandmother it was quilts and afghans, quilts typically made from my grandfathers, uncles, and aunts old shirts and pants, and rag rugs, does anyone remember those? For my mother, it was quilts (again recycled from worn out clothes or pretty purchased fabric), afghans (both knitted and crocheted), knitting, tatting, and crocheting other items, embroidery, and sewing. What they made though was not so much for enjoyment as for necessity. Everything they made they used, for getting through life, whether it was the quilts or afghans on the beds or the clothes on our backs, they served an almost singular purpose in providing for a need. The fact that they looked good at the same time was a pleasant by-product of the craft. It was not until my mother's later years that I believe she knitted or crocheted for pleasure more than necessity although ultimately, these pleasurable pursuits became gifts for someone. An afghan for a new baby, a set of doilies, tea towels, or a tablecloth for a new bride, handmade Christmas ornaments for grandchildren!

I hesitate to label myself as a scrapbooker, card maker, knitter, etc. as I have pursued many different crafts in my lifetime. My mother believed we should be kept busy if we weren't at school, playing in the yard, or doing homework. My first experience came while I was a first or second grader, I was sick for a couple of weeks, really bad strep throat and I was driving her bonkers! So since I couldn't go to school she taught me a craft, I believe it was embroidery, simple straight stitching.  I made dishtowels if my memory serves me correctly, and I was hooked. Since then I have tried a long list of different crafts, some my mother taught me that I have taken with me into my adult life...most notably, embroidery and needlepoint.  Others she attempted to teach me, like knitting and crocheting, those genes were inherited by my little sister and the sewing genes by my niece Teri both of whom have followed in mom's footsteps quite admirably.

The list of crafts I have tried looks like an advertisement for some of the more popular craft stores, plaster painted wall hanging's and knick knacks, macrame, dried flower arranging, I even did a stint as a Needlecraft Party Consultant during the early 1980's!  It was not until the mid 1990's that I was introduced to stamping and card making, via my good friend Tina Dowty and her StampinUp! business, you can see her work here http://thecrazystamplady.blogspot.com/.  Thus started a journey I find unique and satisfying still today. That journey has evolved, from our first wooden stamp sets and card making classes to scrapbooking (an addiction encouraged by my still good friend Tina!) and now the more advanced art of paper projects. 

I hope you find something here that you like, that will inspire you, and that will let loose your creative genes!

This crafting thing...it runs in my family, two of my sons carry on the art in wood...I guess you could say crafting is in my genes, at least I'd like to think so! Thanks Mom and Grandma!