Thursday, July 21, 2011

Father’s Day Gift

I know, I know…Father’s Day was last month; however, we celebrated a little late this year so we could gift this particular item to my husband Rich while all the kids were here in town this past weekend.

Back in May my co-worker Jayne gifted me for my birthday this lovely bargain bag package we had seen at one of the local stamp stores.  They were having a sidewalk sale and we had gone over to check it out one Saturday morning.  I must admit here that I passed over this particular item because of the way it was packaged.  I also didn’t see the Dad board book in the packages I looked at.  The papers are all by BoBunny from their Cambridge Collection.  There were also some dimensional as well as conventional stickers in the same line.  The line reminds me of King Arthur and the knights.  While looking at the paper my mind immediately went to children dressing up as knights, etc., so I passed up picking the package up.  I wasn’t thinking outside the box on this particular day!  Well, when at work the next week I saw the packet Jayne had picked up and the Dad board book in it, I was bummed I had not spent more time searching through the packets at the store.  I could immediately see that I wanted to make a gift for my hubby that would be from the kids for Father’s Day.  Jayne had bought extra kits for her stash and graciously gifted me one for my birthday.  I was off and running.
With four children I wanted to make a book that would reflect the kids and their relationships with their Dad.  I added a page or two in plain double-sided card stock in between the cardboard letters and came up with enough pages for each kid to have a page of their own.  I also went back in my picture stash and pulled pictures of each kid as an infant or toddler.  I then paired those pictures with a current picture of each child.  Additionally, I added some group pics throughout the years as well as some individual shots of each kid with their Dad.

Finally, I asked each of the kids to come up with 2 or 3 things they loved about their Dad.  I then took 3 of each of their statements, printed them on a linen colored paper and inked up the edges to give it an antiqued look.  Those statements filled one of the pages. 

He couldn’t finish reading it when we gave it to him…I think I saw a tear glinting in his eye!  I think it was a hit.

Until next time!
Imagine, Create, Enjoy!