Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Anniversary Gift -- Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek of a gift I've made for my son and is a late 1st anniversary gift.  I did a collage video of Dana and Kyle's lives growing up and as adults, that was shown at their wedding.  The typical kind of video shown at weddings.  I decided to take those photos used for the video and make into an album as a gift.  The cover shows them along with their son Nick with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.  They had a beautiful ceremony overlooking the ocean in San Diego.  It was wonderful!  I hope they enjoy the gift.  We will see them soon and are looking forward to the trip!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Money Pizza -- Pinterest Idea

When gifting money for birthday presents for the grandkids and nieces and nephews, it is always a challenge to find creative ways to present the gift.  This year when our 2nd oldest grandson Nikeo turned 11, I wanted to try this idea I had seen on Pinterest.  I picked up a pizza box at the local Sam's Club, just walked up to the pizza counter and asked if I could buy one.  The manager happened to be there and just gave me one...a large one.  I don't think they normally do that, so I think I got lucky that day.  I picked up some cake rounds and covered one with some scrap booking paper.  I then took the money I was gifting in $1 bills and quarters and laid them out on the cake round to make it look like a pizza.  I then printed the sign on the computer and stuck it to the inside of the box.

I think it was a hit! Imagine, Create, and Enjoy.

Welcome Baby Laila!

It has occurred to me that I posted all of these craft projects related to my granddaughter's baby shower but have not shared with you the outcome.  My son Kyle and daughter-in-law Dana and big brother Nick welcomed Laila Olivia Vivian Elizabeth to the family on May 12.  She proudly shares two of her great-grandmother's names.  She is a beautiful little girl who we are anxious to meet in just a few short weeks.  The burlap wreath shown here holds a proud place on the wall of her bedroom.

She has also been seen sporting many of the headbands that guests made at the baby shower held for her.  I know we all really enjoyed making them for her and they certainly match many of her outfits.

Thanks for sharing our excitement!  Until next time, Imagine, Create, and Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Note Board

One of my grandsons wanted to make a present for his mom's birthday.  I looked through my supplies and found an unpainted narrow wood frame, a few jewels, a flower, some heart stickers and some cork board.  Those supplies to start, along with a trip to Michael's for ribbon and silver jewels.  I used an idea from Pinterest which I no longer have a link to; and, I have modified the project slightly from its original design and came up with this idea. 

Nikeo painted the frame a nice black matte color and while he was doing that Grandma cut the cork board to fit the frame.  I double layered the cork board to make a thick base to stick pins and tacks through.  After the painting was done I took the roll of sparkles/jewels and cut the strips down to effectively fit around the edges of the frame and still allow enough room for items to be pinned to the board.  The row of jewels you see in the middle of the cork board hides a seam where I had to piece the cork board together.  Once that was hot-glued down, I took the ribbon and hot glued it to the edge of the frame.  The ribbon design is hard to see but it is a zebra stripe with silver and red, not pink as the pictures tend to show.

The ribbon was accented perfectly with the zebra print daisy that we affixed to the lower right corner with a little heart sticker on in the middle. After that I found some swooshies in black jewels and I added them to the board.  One looks like it is flowing out of the daisy on the bottom right half of the board and the other accents the lower left corner of the top of the board above the row of jewels.  A couple of more little red hearts to match the ribbon and the board itself was finished out. 

On the top I used more of the ribbon from the edges and made a hanger which I attached to the back of the board.  All in all it turned out really cute!  Nikeo's mom liked it and it holds a prime place on the wall in her bedroom!

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