Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motorcycle Bag

Recently my neice gifted me with a book bag she had made with fabric scraps she inherited when my Mom, her Grandma passed away.  I was so impressed with the bag I asked her to make one for my co-worker Jayne for her birthday.  Jayne and her hubby Jim ride motorcycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles to be exact, so do my neice Teri and her husband Dan.  I knew she would be able to make what I was looking for because she had the practical experience and knowledge of Harley Davidson's and would be able to get the dimensions for the bag down.  Jayne loves bling.  She is the Queen of Bling (love ya, Jayne!) and she is the first to admit it. I wanted something that Jayne could put in the buckets on the bike, so it had to be functional as well as cute.  I think Teri exactly captured what I wanted in this bag.

It has a quilted solid bottom in a grey-black color and patterned sides with pink pockets on the outside.  The patterned fabric is Betty Boop on her motorcycle.  She coordinated the colors on the outside and added bling to the pockets and the outsides of the bag.  This pocket is a double pocket, one next to the outside of the bag and under the striped flap is another pocket.  Teri also added a coordinating purple pink fabric around the top of the bag. It has a zippered top and shoulder handles.  The shoulder handles go down the sides of the bag next to the pockets on each side.
Inside fabric
Inside pockets

The inside of the bag is a different patterned fabric, again Betty Boop on her motorcyle but it is in black and white with pink outlined hearts.  Teri used the striped fabric used on the outside pocket to make a series of pockets around the inside bottom of the bag.  All in all I think it turned out fabulous and Jayne seems to like it which is the important part.    

Thanks for stopping by today.  Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduation Cards – Part 2

So after I completed the previous post I whipped up this little graduation cap in my neice Natalie's school colors.  Here is the one I did for her. 

This is what it looks like when closed, I used embroidery thread for the tassel and attached it with a black brad.  I had these graduation stickers so I cut down the strip with the caps and diplomas to fit on the bottom which you can see when you first take the card out of the envelope.  Once you open up the hat you see the following:

I folded it back so you could see the full length of the card.  On the inside of cap I stamped You Rock! and Celebrate.  On the bottom half of the card I added Graduate and Congratulations.  The stickers on the bottom half of the card have pop dots behind them to add dimension.  These graduation caps were actually very easy and quick to do up.

When I started making graduation cards this weekend I had the cap idea in my head for the cards, and found the great idea/tutorial noted in my previous post.  I had also been kicking around how I could make a card that was shaped like a graduation gown.  I had some Jolee’s Stickers graduation embellishments that I could have just thrown together with plain card stock and would have produced a nice little card, but I wanted something more.  I mulled it around for a while and kept looking at the embellishments and decided to do some free-hand drawing.  Now mind you, I have never considered myself to be an artist.  In fact that would be the least likely word I would use to describe myself, but artistic I became.  I freehand drew the likeness of the graduation gown from the Jolee’s package onto card stock.  

 I used that as my pattern and traced it on to the light blue cardstock.  Since my niece will graduate from UCLA I wanted to use their school colors and I also wanted the gown to have that sheen associated with finer materials.  I chose a solid matte finish Bazzil light blue card stock and cut the card out, but I wanted to add dimension to the front of the card so it would look like the folds on an actual gown.  I traced the front of the gown onto copy paper, cut it out, and traced it onto Bazzil’s line of shiny papers.  After cutting it out I proceeded to cut it apart, into the individual pieces for the front of the gown.  I also wanted to add in the UCLA yellow on the gown somewhere, so I cut a V shaped insert to go around the neckline and then layered the shiny blue bodice part over it.  To achieve the dimension for the flow of the gown on the front I set the outside folds directly onto the solid blue card stock and then the next two folds on each side I used pop dots to bring them up off the card stock background.  For the middle fold I used fatter pop dots to make it stand up just a bit higher than the sides. 

When you open up the gown I have mirrored the yellow from the collar for the inside of the card. 

Then to add a nice finish I used my Cricut machine to cut the UCLA letters in yellow and ran through my Xyron to apply adhesive and put on the bottom of the front of the gown.  I think my niece will enjoy it! 

Thanks for coming by…hope to see you again soon!  If you’d like to let me know what you think of my creation, feel free to leave a comment!  Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Graduation Cards – Part 1

Lots of graduations this year for us!  Two in our family alone!  I was looking for a sample of a graduation cap card and found a few great tutorials on You Tube.  The one that I really liked was this one by Dawn Olchefske who is a Stampin Up! demonstrator.  I changed up her design by using the school colors for each of the graduates.  First I did one in a royal blue and orange, the colors for Consumnes Oaks High School here in Elk Grove.  After cutting the backing cardstock in the blue and marking the fold lines I added orange inserts to the graduation cap lid and the bottom of the card.  I added some orange cording with a black brad to anchor the tassel to the top of the hat and on the orange paper inside the cap I stamped Celebrate and You Rock!  I added some deep blue bling to match the cap color.  I chose to add Jolee’s Boutique graduation stickers to this one.  I cut them apart and modified them slightly so they would fit (mostly) under the fold down section of the cap.  I think this one turned out pretty cute!
Card Closed

Card Open

The next two cards I did are for my nieces.  Both are in the same family and both graduate on the same day, one in Northern CA and one in Southern CA!  Rob and Lisa will have fun getting to both of those functions!  Anyway, because the girls haven’t yet opened the cards, you will have to tune back in to see what their cards look like.  Each one is different.  I can’t share them yet as I know at least one of the girls checks out this blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Come back by soon!  In the meantime, Imagine, Create, Enjoy!