Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thanks Signage

While I really should have done this post awhile ago in keeping with the current holiday's or events, I seem to be a little behind.  I previously posted about these Thanks letters I had done up based on another Pinterest idea.  I brought them out for this past Thanksgiving and didn't really like the way I had hung them up for display the previous year so I decided to modify them just a bit.  I had previously just wrapped the ends of the ribbon the letters were suspended from around a 1/4 inch by 15 inch piece of thin balsa wood from the craft store.

This year I decided to take some fall colored decorative foliage I had previously used as table decorations and combine with the board idea to create a permanent hanger for the letters.  I took the ends of the ribbons after wrapping them once around the balsa wood piece and stapled them on to the wood. I then took the decorative fall foliage and stapled it across the front of the board.  It effectively hid all of the ends of the ribbons on the front of the board and made a nice stable wall hanging.  I then added matching ribbon to the top to create my hanger.  Here is the finished project.

And another shot of my little decorative tableau laid out on the table in the living room.  The modification to the original design and the addition of the board to stabilize the letters and addition of the floral gives the project a finished feel!

Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

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