Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Well, not exactly a chicken dinner, but I did win some free stuff!!! Love free stuff!  Over on the Everyday Cricut blog site they celebrated their two-year blogaversary last week with product giveaways every day!  All you had to do to participate in the drawings was to post a comment each day; easy enough...but you know, you look at those contests and the number of entries they receive and you figure you probably won't win anything!  At least that's what I figure, you know, like winning the lottery, the more people who enter, the lower your chances of winning.   So, when I opened my email this morning and was reading through today's blog entry, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had won the drawing for Day 2 last week.  My prize, five, count them five new stamp sets from Creative Time! I can't wait to get my new stamps and use them.  They have such cute stamps, a little retro, but so applicable and up to date!  Thank's to Melanie and Joy and Everyday Cricut!  Love your stuff! 


  1. WooHoo! I love FREE stuff! Congrats Deb!!! Can't wait to see the goodies you won. Maybe we can get together to play with them soon.

  2. That is so fun! Congrats. I love their site, such creative inspiration.