Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dates to Remember Card File

I have finally finished my card file.  I first saw this idea over here.  Cathy had been inspired by a Pinterest pin and I just lifted that idea.  For my card file I decided to use some pretty floral will be a gift for a friend.  I used papers from the K&Company Susan Winget collection.  She has some really great papers.  I pretty much used the original ideas as they were, with a few exceptions.  I chose to use my Cricut to cut the word Celebrate in purple and layered green under it for the backdrop.  I had some small sentiment stamps and decided to stamp them on white paper to indicate different occasions for which cards would be needed.  I mounted them on a larger circle of some of the leftover scraps from these pages.  I then scattered them over the front of the file around the word Celebrate. 

Another thing I did a little different from the original is I cut some reinforcement rings using my Cuttlebug tag die.  For these I also used leftover scraps.  I was really successful in using most of the scraps from the papers I had chosen for the project.  After covering each of the envelopes for the twelve months, I also covered the inside and outside of the envelope flaps as well.  I used the two hole punch to punch the holes and then used the reinforcements on each page to add some substance to the ring holes.  It will help with the wear and tear when the file is opened and closed frequently. 

I chose a font in Word and printed the twelve months of the year on white card stock.  I allowed enough room between the months so I could utilize my other Cuttlebug tags die to cut out the month tags.  This die has some ornamental embossing on it so it spiffed them up just a little.  After centering the months on the die and cutting them all out, I chose to ink up the edges with purple ink to make them pop just a little bit more and affixed them to the envelope flap.  Just a note here:  If you ink the edges of the tags, make sure you blot them or they will bleed onto the lined cards that contain the dates for the month. 

For the dates in the month I used Word again and created a two column table and numbered the lines 1 through 16 for the first half of the month and 17 through 31 for the second half of the month.  I printed the tables and cut them down to size to fit on the inside of each envelope.  Each month of the file is one envelope, and the back of each succeeding envelope is the 2nd half of your month.  The way the file is put together you need to have two sides to put the tables of the dates for the halves of the month on each side, because the last month is the last envelope I needed a back to the card file.  I used an old cereal box and cut two 6 x 9 size pieces and fastened them together with my tape runner, the patterned sides facing the middle.  After that I took the remaining piece of 12 x 12 card stock and backed both sides of the card.  This became the back of the card file. 

I used some green colored rings I had picked up at the Scrapbook Expo back in October.  I added some ribbon to them to match the colors of the papers.  I chose not to add dimensional embellishments to the pages or to the cover as I don't know if the recipient will carry it with her while out and about or if she will leave it at home.

I think it would be a great idea if giving this as a gift I was to include a couple of different cards for the recipient, say a baby card, wedding card, or a birthday card. Hope you enjoyed my take on this great project.  Imagine, Create, and Enjoy!

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