Monday, March 17, 2014

Back in the Saddle!

Or on the blog in this particular case.  It's been awhile.  I didn't realize quite how long until I started updating with some new things I've been working on!  Clearly a long time!  Lots of things have happened in the last eight months!  A much awaited vacation to Hawaii in the fall, our first visit back in 31 years, the holidays, a move again (I'm thinking about just keeping the moving boxes at this point!), a new grand baby on the the way, a granddaughter, a new job for my spouse and more crafting.  So I'm going to be doing a bit of catching up... I always seem to be behind whatever the current holiday just a bit...but ideas are always relevant in the crafting world and hopefully good for inspiration!  Be patient as I catch-up with some holiday posts and then on to some of what I've been doing for the upcoming baby shower this weekend!

Hope you've all been well!  Keep on Crafting!

Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

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