Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Collage Frame

I recently featured the heart shaped collage here that I did for my son and new daughter-in-law as a wedding present.  Close to the same time I had picked up another collage picture frame at Michael's that was 50 percent off!  Love those deals!  Anyway, I have fallen in love with this three dimensional concept of scrap booking.  It gives us the chance to highlight special events and pictures and have something that is visible on a wall, bookcase, or coffee table to be seen more often by family and friends than typical scrapbook pages that are filed away in an album.

Recently Kyle, Dana, and Nicky lost their beloved dog Shadow.  Shadow was a Doberman rescue dog and a wonderful pet!  A sweet, sweet boy who was afraid of his own shadow but would protect everyone in the house!  The loss of our pets is always hard, Shadow's was harder because it was so swift and unexpected.  I decided to use my recently purchased collage frame for a tribute to Shadow.

I had previously found some cute paper with glittery dog bones and paw prints at JoAnn's and decided these papers were perfect for my project.  I added some red shiny matching paper to these and  lined the 4 x 6 openings on the frame.  I added these different shots of Shadow to each of the frames and then accented them with a set of dimensional dog stickers and some three dimensional doggie buttons in different shapes.

The banner above the lower right picture was blank and an ideal place to add Shadow's name.  The upper right photo of Nick and Shadow was perfectly accented with the My Pal sticker.  Despite Shadow's size and breed we know he thought he was a lap dog!  He certainly slept as if he were small enough to fit in the cat's bed, which he frequently did as is seen in the lower middle picture!

To secure the papers in the wood frame I used the Terrifically Tacky tape from Michael's.  It's super strong adhesive tape and I'm certain those papers will stay affixed to the wooden frame.  The frame came with a small oval handle on the top.

The project turned out nicely and I know the kids are going to love it!  A special tribute for a special family member. RIP Shadow!

Until next time, Imagine, Create, Enjoy!

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