Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prayer Journals

A couple of summer’s ago I had the idea to make a prayer journal using
the composition notebooks sold in the school supply section at Wal-Mart.
My first attempt was a little plain, because I wanted to practice with
paper that I didn’t really care if I messed up. If I messed up then
I’d just rip it off and start over. It actually turned out nicely.

Since the first sample wasn’t too bad I made one for a girlfriend who is an avid journaler. She loved the gift and I’m sure has filled it up by now. In fact the two of us did a marathon session of making prayer journals for the youth girls at her church in the weeks that followed. That led to making a few more which I ended up selling at a couple of small craft fairs.

I had wanted to expand on the journal idea to include other uses but had not done too much with that idea until last fall. That’s when I took my journal making to a whole new level with an idea sparked by a fellow blogger. More on that the next time!


  1. Your prayer journals are so pretty....thanks for sharing.

  2. I just looked out the window(at work...grrrr)and its raining cats/dogs/mice/aardvarks...and I thought about you at home crafting. Hope you have a wonderful day, just crafting...u lucky thing you...:)