Friday, March 25, 2011


I have so thoroughly enjoyed becoming a grandma!  My grandchildren delight me in so many ways and at the end of the day, I get to send them home to their parents!  However, I am thoroughly enthralled with my granddaughter.  I have raised and lived with men all of my married life.  My husband's daughter lived mostly with her mother, so needless to say...I'm used to being around men most of the time!  I love having a granddaughter...I get to buy her girly clothes, and jewelry boxes, and baby dolls.  Better yet, I get to make her a scrapbook with lots of girly things, flowers, and pink and purple papers, and flowers and cute little sayings about girls.  Madison Claire will be three here in another week and I have been working on her baby album for the last three years...or maybe I should say not working on it.  First I needed pictures from her mom and dad, then we!  I have done a few pages and below are a couple of pages that I love.  Madison or Maddy as we call her has a personality all her own and her mommy and daddy have done a wonderful job capturing those expressions, and I wanted to reflect that in a set of pages for her.  Here are The Many Faces of Madison Claire.

Well that's it for now...back to my crafting table! 

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