Monday, August 18, 2014

Money Pizza -- Pinterest Idea

When gifting money for birthday presents for the grandkids and nieces and nephews, it is always a challenge to find creative ways to present the gift.  This year when our 2nd oldest grandson Nikeo turned 11, I wanted to try this idea I had seen on Pinterest.  I picked up a pizza box at the local Sam's Club, just walked up to the pizza counter and asked if I could buy one.  The manager happened to be there and just gave me one...a large one.  I don't think they normally do that, so I think I got lucky that day.  I picked up some cake rounds and covered one with some scrap booking paper.  I then took the money I was gifting in $1 bills and quarters and laid them out on the cake round to make it look like a pizza.  I then printed the sign on the computer and stuck it to the inside of the box.

I think it was a hit! Imagine, Create, and Enjoy.

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